Choosing Betta Fish Tank Mates

As we know that betta fish is an aggressive colorful fish, but sometimes this fish species need betta fish tank mates. The aggressive fish can’t easily make a friend with the other fish, especially for the male betta fish. Male betta fish is more aggressive than the female betta fish, so in the aquarium, we need to choose the best partner for betta fish to accompany this kind of fish in coloring the aquarium.

The Best Betta Fish Tank Mates for Betta

In choosing the betta fish tank mates, we need to know the appropriate species of fish that can be a good friend for betta fish. This is because betta fish is categorized into an aggressive fish that can’t be easier to make a friend in the aquarium. There are many fish that can be appropriate partner in the aquarium for betta.

  • White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White Cloud Mountain Minnow is a small type of minnow that can be found in the mountainous region in China. This kind of fish can live peaceful in the aquarium and it will be a good friend for betta fish in the tank because this kind of fish never nips the betta’s fins. This kind of fish doesn’t have long fins that can be attacked by the betta fish, so they can live peacefully in the aquarium.

  • Clown Pleco

Clown Pleco is an alternative fish that can be a good friend with betta fish in an aquarium. This species of fish is categorized into a peaceful fish that eat algae. In this diet, Clown Pleco requires driftwood and this kind of fish can keep algae in a good way. Betta fish can also make a friend with this kind of fish because both of them can’t bother each other. So, this kind of fish is able to be betta fish tank mates.

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