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Choosing Betta Fish Tank Mates

As we know that betta fish is an aggressive colorful fish, but sometimes this fish species need betta fish tank mates. The aggressive fish can’t easily make a friend with the other fish, especially for the male betta fish. Male

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BCA Bettas

General Bettas Bettas are one of the easiest freshwater fish to keep. Universally known for being aggressive and a killer, most of these names are misconceptions by local fish stores or uneducated aquarist. Betta splendens are easy but lets not

Betta Fish Tail Shapes

Plakats Plakats are a name for short tail bettas. These are often referred to as fighters, but they can be very good pets and good looking fish. Plakats have lately been bred to have fancy colors and bases for fancier

Betta Fish History

Wild Bettas In The wild both males and female bettas are short finned. Most bettas are a dullish brown color. They need this to protect them from predators. Over time, bettas have been selectively bred to gain more finnage and more enhanced coloration. 


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