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The Planted Aquariums

Planted aquariums are one of the most attractive freshwater setup one can create. A good size aquarium is the first step. I would recommend using an iron enriched substrate to help encourage the growth of the plants. Flourite is one

Nano Aquarium Fish Tanks

Nano Aquarium preview Nano aquariums are smaller saltwater reef tanks that are typically around 8-30 gallons. Pico tanks are even smaller which usually contain around 2-5 gallons of water. It is important to note that nano and pico aquariums are

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BCA Seahorses

BCA seahorses is a completely new project for the 2009 year. While breeding and selling is at the complete opposite end of the specture, we are starting to get more serious about keeping reidi or kellogi seahorses.     Seahorses

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BCA Products (Stock Shop)

BioHome The same grade filter media used in public aquariums, now for the hobbyiest. Wholesale orders and prices available on request. BioHome Standard: 300 Grams :36.00 Dollars BioHome Standard: 1 KG : 59.00 Dollars Sold Out BioHome Plus: 300 Grams

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