BIOHOME Filteration Media (at a glance)

BcAquatics wants to present an exclusive bio filteration media that has been the secret of public aquariums and professional fish farms thoughout Europe and Asia. What sets BIOHOME apart from other traditional bio filteration media is that BIOHOME has the greatest surface area which allows for more room for benefical bacteria to grow and protect the tank.

BIOHOME will also last much longer than traditional ceramic rings. BIOHOME comes in two forms, one being standard which is effective for established tanks. The other form is Plus, which contains nutrients that help with new tanks (cycling). BIOHOME was created with professional fishkeepers in mind. A must for discus and high maintance fishes. It works for both fresh and salt water and is now avalible to the public, hobbiest of all species, and any and all fishkeepers.

Biohome is effective as it is made from sintered glass. This makes it so that biohome has hundreds of little tunnels that is really surface area which provide the benefical bacteria room to grow. You want the benefical bacteria to help stablize the aquarium. The following diagram illistrates the benefical bacteria growth in BIOHOME.

Since Biohome has so much surface area, it is much more absorbent than traditional ceramic rings and other bio filteration media.The follow image is an example of how porous they are. Note how much liquid is soaked deep into the media.

Note from BcAquatics

Now i know biohome is more pricey than other traditional bio filteration media but if you want true professional results and quality then biohome is for you. It cant be stressed enough that this is public aquarium grade and the results are there. I wouldnt sell something that i dont fuly back or use myself. you have the BcAquatics approval of this product.

BioHome can be re-sold on the petstore level. Allow product to sit in your established filter and BioHome can be re-sold to help jump start beginner aquariums. It has potiental for petstores, so Wholesale orders are welcomed. Suggested retail price list is also avalible.

Biohome is best at 1 KG of Biohome for every 3000 liters of water in freshwater aquariums, For saltwater aquariums, Biohome should be 1 KG per 1500 liters of water. The best flow rates for freshwater is 5mm/ secs and saltwater is 10mm/ sec. Biohome will do best in a zero light environment.

BioHome is effective for both fresh and salt water aquariums, it can be used for aquarium ponds, HOB filters, canister filters, sumps, Refugiums, and any other source of filteration. It is so versitile which made it the choice of professionals and now its avalible for home aquarist use.

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