BCA Products (Stock Shop)

The same grade filter media used in public aquariums, now for the hobbyiest.
Wholesale orders and prices available on request.

BioHome Standard: 300 Grams :36.00 Dollars

BioHome Standard: 1 KG : 59.00 Dollars Sold Out

BioHome Plus: 300 Grams : 40.00 Dollars

BioHome Plus: 1KG : 63.00 Dollars Sold Out

BCA Frags

All of our BCA frags are 100% aquacultured and safe to go into any established reef tank or propagation tank. We grow our frags on rubble rock or reef rock propagation plugs.


Soft Coral Frag Pack 1:
BcAquatics is now selling our limited addition Soft Coral Frag Pack 1. Each frag pack consist of a frag of xenia and a small frag of kenya tree. These corals are shipped out Monday and Tuesday to avoid weekend hangovers. We are now offering our frag pack from our New York location.

Frag Pack 1, includes a medium size frag of aqua-cultured xenia which usually has around 2-3 heads on it. Also you will get a medium frag of aqua-cultured kenya tree. Both together shipping included for 25 dollars. The frags are either on Oceans-wonders reef rock plug or on a piece of rubble rock. Either way it is fully attached to the rock and safe to go into a propagation tank or reef tank.

Frag Pack 1: 25.00 Shipped (Currently only shipping out of NY)

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